Another success in my eggless versions…
My eggless Victoria sponge
turn so light …so soft …so spongy tasty
M not vegetarian but i try my best to bring smiles on my vegetarian sisters faces so they can make and enjoy too ….

7 by 2 inch hexagon or any shape cake tin/ baking temp 150 degrees / 30 – 40 minutes

Cake flour = 1 cup = 16 tbsp
sugar = 1/2 cup = 8 tbsp (grind it )
baking powder = 1 teaspoon
baking soda = 1/2 teaspoon
Cooking oil = 4 tablespoon
Room temperature Milk 1/2 cup + 2 teaspoon vinegar or lemon juice ( mix n keep a side )
vanilla essence 1/2 tsp


1 Take cake flour , baking podwer mix & sift it three times then add ground sugar mix well , then keep a side.
2. Now add oil in dry ingredients & mix .
3.Now Add baking soda in that milk mix well , it will fizz , immediately pour this over above mixture , make it like batter , add vanilla essence mix , don’t over mix.
4.Pour in greased & dusted with flour tin and bake on 150 degrees for about 30 – 45 minutes or till toothpick inserted n comes out clean.

Yummy Eggless Victoria sponge cake 🎂is ready.

Making Cake flour

1 cup = 125 gm all purpose flour ( Maida )

2 tablespoon cornflour

Method :
Take one cup all purpoae flour( maida) n take out 2 tablespoon from it ,
and replace it by 2 tablespoon cornflour mix n sieve. Cake flour is ready.

Note: The result of cake flour in cakes, cupcakes, swiss roll etc is incredible. All turn so light n soft, dissolves in mouth.

Especially that design tin which can’t be measured …

Take 1000ml = 1 litre of water , fill ur tin , water should reach the rim ….ur cake tin is perfect for this recipe…



7 by 2 inch hexagon or any shape cake tin/ baking temperature 150/ 30 – 40 minutes

Cake flour – 1 cup = 16 TBS
Chini – 1/3 cup = 8 TBS ( ise pees le)
Baking powder- 1 teaspoon
Baking soda ( meetha soda) 1/2 teaspoon
Khane ka oil – 4 TBS
Room temperature per rakha dudh -1/2 cup ( isme 2 tsp sirka ya nimbu ka ras mila kar ek taraf rakh de)
Vanilla essence – 1/2 tsp


1- Cake flour lekar usme baking powder mila de …3 baar chaan le , iske baad isme pisi chini milakar ek taraf rakh de .

2- Ab khushak ajza ( dry i gredients ) me oil dale aur mix karain.

3 – Ab dudh me baking soda milain me kuch jhaag ban jainge …isliye forun hi ise oper wale mixture me daal de ek batter ban jaiga

4- Ab vanilla essence mila de ..bahut zeyada mix na kare ..sirf zarurat ke hisab se hi Karen

5- Ek tin ko oil say chikna kare aur os pay maida chirak dain .ab is tin may ye batter daal dain.

6- Isko 10 minutes phlay say garam keay hoay oven me 150 degree centigrade per 30-45 minutes tak bake kare ..ya phir toothpick dal kar dekhe agar wo saaf nikal aae to cake ready hey.

Yummy Eggless Victoria sponge cake🎂 taiyar hey

Cake Flour
Banane ka Tareeka

1 cup = 125 gm maida
2 Tbsp cornflour

Ek cup maida se 2 TBS maida nikal de aur oski jagah 2 Tbsp cornflour mila dain ..acche se chaan le ..cake flour ready hey

Note : Is cake flour se cake ..cupcakes roll Jo bhi banainge …bahut soft aur tasty banega

TIP : Cake tin k lea khas kr wo shape tin jis ko napa na ja skay ( measure na kea ja sakay).

1000ml yani aik litre pani lain os ko cake tin may dalain …kinaray ( edge) tk full ana cheay ye 1000ml pani… bus ap ka cake tin size is recipe k lea barabar hey ….



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