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Samosa is my family’s all time favortie  , So  here I am sharing my way of making samosas with you all my sisters.
2 cup all purpose flour (maida)
4 tablespoons oil 

1 tsp salt

1/2 cup = 8 tablespoons water 

1.Take flour add  salt , oil  in it and rub with palms , then  add water little at a time n knead well ,   make stiff &  smooth dough.( dont make the dough soft n sticky )
2.Then  keep the dough for setting in airtight box in fridge for 30 minutes .
Oil  = 1/4 cup 
Turmeric = 1/4 tsp

Salt 1/2 tsp (as per taste)

Cumin seeds 1/2 tsp

Red Chillies powder 1/4 tsp ( as per taste)

crushed green chillies 1/4 tsp 

2 big potatoes cut in small cubes then boil

Heat oil , add dry spices in hot oil  mix then  remove from heat .

Pour this oil  over boiled potatoes , add green crushed chillies , mix well & filling is ready.

Divide the dough into 8 equal parts , then make ball shape & keep them covered for 5 minutes for setting .
After 5 minutes flatten  4 balls then  dust them  with flour n pile up , then roll out thin like tortilla ( chapati) ( if u r beginner then roll out one by one )

Then cut in center so will get semi circles.again lightly dust with flour n pile them up n cover so they don’t turn hard .

Repeat same method for remaining 4 balls( check pictorial)
now take one semi cricle apply water with brush on the edges make samosa pocket . check pictorial ….(do all like this one by one)

Make samosa shape n fill it   then press the edges to seal them …. Keep samosas in a tray dont overlap them &  cover them so crust don’t forms… Then deep fry in hot oil … Yummy crispy  samosas are ready to enjoy with tea … 

After making all samosas  place them in plastic bag in tray and can freeze if not using at the moment….

 At time of use take out from freezer ,  deep  fry frozen Samosas in cold oil on low heat  .( never fry frozen samosas in hot oil on high heat )


Classic Samosas 

Samosa mere ghar walon ko bht pasand ha, ess leye mein ap behno sy apna tareeqa share kr rhe hon.
Step 1, Samosa ke dough 
2 cup maida

4 khane k chamach Oil (khane ka tail )

1 chae ka chamach namak

1/2 cup pani  = 8 khane k chamach 
1. Maide mai namak or oil dal kr hathele sy masal len, phr thora thora pani dal kr gondh len or sakth dough bna len.( naram atta nae gondhna)

2. Phr dough dhakan waly box mai dal kr fridge mai rakh den 30 minute k leye.
Step 2 , Filling bnana
Oil 1/4 cup

Haldi = 1/4 chae ka chamach

Namak 1/2 chae ka chamach ( zaiqe k mutabiq )

Zeera 1/2 chae ka chamach

Lal mirch pese hoe 1/4 chae ka chamach ( zaiqe k mutabiq )

Kotte hoe hari mirch 1/4 chae ka chamach

Allo 2 baray ( phlay chote tukron mai katain phir obalain . )
Tarkeeb :

Oil garam kren or khushak masale dal kr mix karain  or agg sy utar den.
Ye oil oblay hoay allon k oper dalen sath sabz mirch dal den or ache trha mix kr len,filling tayyar ha.
Step 3, Samose ke theli bnana
Dough ko 8 brabar hisson mai bant len, phr gol pera bna len or 5 minute k leye dhanp kr rakh den.

5 minute k baad 4 peron ko bail len or khushka laga kr aik dosre k oper rakh den or aaisay he bail len roti ke trha patla sa.

Phr darmian sy kat len ( tasveer dekhen )

Aese he baqi 4 peron k sath kren.. ( or dhanp lain ta k sakt na ho jain) 

ab aik piece len adha kata howa or Kinaron pr brush sy pani laga den or samose ke shakal ke pocket bna len …

( tasveer dekhen )
Step 4 samosay bnana

Samosay ke shakal bna kr filling dal den or kinaron ko dabba dabba k jor kr bnd kr den (  esi tarah bari bari tamam samosay bnain or  tray mai rakh den aik dosre k oper na rakhen or dhanp den ta k khusk na ho jaen……garam teel mai fry krlen garma garm samosy tayyar hain mazze sy khaen chai k sath……..
Samosay bnane k leye tasveer mai tareeqa dekhen 
Note :
Saray samosay bnane k baad unhe tray pr plastic bag laga kr freezer mai rakh den 

Estemal k waqt freezer sy nikal len, freeze samoson ko halke anch pr deep fry kren.



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