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Alhumdulilah I made perfect in taste my family’s all time favorite AFGHANI PULAO  , since long am missing that nice taste in local restaurant Afghani Pulao which it had in 90s , so I tried my own and made successfully , my family liked it very much &  enjoyed it a lot , so am sharing with you all my sisters .


SAILA rice 1 kg ( soak for 1 hour)

beef 1 kg ( boil it )( then deep fry )

beef stock 1& 1/2 liter 

4 tsp salt  ( If there’s salt in stock then adjust accordingly)


1 tsp whole black pepper

2 sticks cinnamon

4  green cardamoms

2 tsp whole cumin seeds ( grind all these spices together make fine powder )

oil 1/2 cup 

sugar 2 tbsp ( for caramel)


carrots 1/2 kg ( cut in 3 in long strips )

1 cup raisins ( black )

sugar 3 tbsp 

oil 2 tbsp

water 1/2 cup


STEP  1 

1. Boil beef as you normally do.

2. Separate beef pieces n stock  .

3.Take 1 & half liter of beef stock keep a  side  will use it for cooking rice .

4 .Roast beef pieces in hot oil  ( deep fry) and keep a side.

5 . Soak rice for 1 hour.
Put carrots , raisins , 3 tbsp sugar, 2 tbsp   oil , 1/2 water in a pot mix n cook on low flame , stir in between cook till carrots tender , dry out all water , its done .

Pour 1/2  cup oil in a pot in which you are   cooking one kg rice , add sugar turn on flame , caramelize sugar , then pour 1& 1/2 liter beef stock over this caramel , mix well as it boils add all spices and salt ,mix well bring to a boil now add soaked rice ( drain all water from rice in which it was soaked). Mix n cover the lid cook till rice done n all stock dries , Now turn flame to very low ,  add that roasted beef in centre of rice , cover the lid in kitchen towel and put it on pot  keep any heavy weight on the lid so steam don’t come out ,  now  leave for 10 minutes on very low  flame .and done .

Warm that carrots again .

Dish out  rice & beef  n pour those carrots n raisins over rice for garnishing , enjoy yummy AFGHANI PULAO.




Alhumdulilah may nay apnay ghar walon k pasandeda AFGHANI PULAO asli zaiqay wala bna Lea, kafi arsay say may apnay kareebi restaurant say mangay gay Afghani pulao ka WO asli zaika miss kr rahi the Jo 1990 k dehai may hota tha , so khodi aik try ke or Alhumdulilah kamyabi mili  , so ap sub behno k sath be share or rahi hon.


Saila chawal = 1 kg (1 ghenta bhego den)

Bara gosht  = 1 kg (obal ke fry kr len )

Gosht ke Yakhni = 1&1/2 liter

 namak  = 4 tsp  ( agar yakhni may namak ha to phir namak apnay hesab say rakhain)

1tsp sabat kali mirch 

2 piece dar cheni 

4 sabz illaechi

2 tsp sabat zeera 

Sb ko grind kr k powder bna len

Oil 1/2 cup

Cheni 2 tbsp

Gajar 1/2 kg ( lambai mai bareek kate hoe )

1 cup mewah ( kala kishmish )

3 tbsp cheni

Pakane ka teel 2 tbsp

Pani 1/2 cup



1. Sb sy phle gosht ko obal len jese ap aam tor pr obalty hain.

2 . Gosht or yakhni alag krlen.

3 . 1 & 1/2 ( dedh ) litter yakhne alag rakh len chawal pakane k leye.

4 . Gosht ko garam tel mai fry kr k rakh    len.

5. Chawal bhego den 1 ghenta k leye.
Gajar,kishmish,3 tbsp cheni,2 tbsp oil,1/2 cup pani ko bartan mai dal kr halke anch pr paka len, sath hilaty jaen,gajar naram hone tk pakaen or pani khusk kr len.

1/2 cup tel aese barten mai dalen js mai 1 kg chawal paka saken, cheni dal kr agg jala den, cheni ko peghla len k oss ka rang brown ho jae phr yakhni dal den or ache trha hila len or obal aene den, sb masale or namak dal den ache trha hila kr obal delaen phr bhege chawal dal den.Hila kr dhanp den or paka len jb tk chawal gul jaen or pani khushk ho jae, agg halke kr den or gosht dal kr dhakn romal sy dhanp kr bnd kr den or dhakan pr wazan rakh den ta k bhap bahar na aeye, ab halke anch pr rakh den 10 min tk.

Gajar ke topping ko dobara garam krlen.


Chawal dish mai nikal kr gosht rakhen phr gajar or kishmish dal kr garam garam pesh kren.



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