I was in search of an icing that is less sweet and can be used as substitute of whipped cream so finally I got this amazing swiss meringue , it can be used in so many ways ,  its very tasty & easy to make,  my kids liked it , so sharing with you all too .

makes 3 cups icing

Enough to cover 8 inch   cake


3 egg whites = 6 Tbsp + 2 tsp = 100 gm (room temperature)

1/2 cup sugar = 8 Tbsp  = 100 gm

1/4 tsp lemon juice

1/2 tsp colorless flavor 

food colors optional 


1.Place the egg whites ,  sugar & lemon juice in a large steel pot  & keep a side .

2. Now take another big pot in which your egg whites steel bowl fits easily ,  then add an inch of water in this big pot and   put any stand or small pot in this water pot ( we will use this as stand for our egg whites & sugar mixture heating) , now turn on flame and  boil the water .

3.Place the egg  whites mixture bowl on top of the stand in boiling water, making sure that the bottom of egg whites bowl don’t touch  the water

4.Cook the egg white mixture. Stir frequently with spoon so that the egg whites don’t  get lumpy .

5.Continue to heat the egg whites mixture till all sugar dissolves and egg whites mixture becomes warm and thin in consistency  like pouring consistency , ( this process  takes about  5 minutes)

6.Remove the bowl from boiling water and beat the warm egg mixture directly  on high speed for about 10 minutes until soft peaks forms ,  then  beat again for about 10 minutes till stiff peaks forms.

7.As stiff peaks forms that holds its shape its done.

8. Now  you can add colorless flavour beat once and ready to use.

9.If making colourful then add colors n beat , ready to use

10.Use swiss meringue  immediately as you make it.

Apply  on your cakes or cupcakes.


πŸ“ Can pipe flowers too.

πŸ“When frosting cupcakes, fill in piping bag. Then decorate as desired.

πŸ“This frosting is best to use as it is made.

πŸ“Cakes or cupcakes decorated with this frosting can be stored  for a day in fridge .Bring them to room temperature  serving.

πŸ“ Unused  frosting can be stored in an   airtight container for a day in fridge .


πŸ‘‰used in making buttercream named SMBC SWISS MERINGUE BUTTERCREAM

πŸ‘‰can use swiss meringue on pies and baked then .

πŸ‘‰can use in baked Alaska cake.

πŸ‘‰cake use in between cake layers.

πŸ‘‰used in ice cream to give  fluffiness.

πŸ‘‰can make meringue cookies .


  SWISS MERINGUE             


Mjy talash the aisi icing ke jis ko whip cream k jaga istemal kea ja skay or  metha b kum ho , to akhir kar mjy ye mazaydar swiss meringue mil gea , is ka taste b ala hay or bnanay b asan . Maray bachon ko b pasand aya to ab sub k sath b share ke rahi hon.


3 cups icing Bnay ga jo 8 inch k cake ko cover karnay k lie kafi hai.



3 egg whites = 6 Tbsp + 2 tsp = 100 gm (room temperature)

1/2 cup sugar = 8 Tbsp  = 100 gm

1/4 tsp lemon juice

1/2 tsp koe b flavor jis may rung na ho

food colors optional 


1.egg whites( Adon k safaidi ),  sugar ( cheeni )or lemon juice ( lemo ka rus ) ko aik baray steel k bartan main dal kar aik side pe rakh dain.

2. ab aik dosra  bara  bartan lain uska size pehle waly bartan se bara ho jis main egg white wala mixture Dala hoa hai .is bartan main 1 inch pani dalain or aik stand rakhain . cholha on karain ta k pani boil ho jae stand k oper egg white mixture wala bartan rakhain lakin apka egg white wala  mixture pani se oper ho means bowl neche se pani se touch na kary.

 4. egg white mixture ko pakaen or musalsal hilatay jaen ta k ghutlian na banain.

5. eggs ko tab tak pakaen jab tak sugar mix na ho jae or egg white mixture garam ho jae or patla sa ho jay , (taqreeban 5 minutes pakaen.)

6. bowl ko ab heat se hata dain or garam hi beat karain direct full speed pe 10 minutes yahan tak k soft peaks aa jaen.. phir dobara 10 minutes beat karain k stiff peaks aa jaen.

7. jab stiff peaks aa jaen tu ready hay .( stiff peaks mtlb jb ap spoon say is meringue ko othain to is k chonch bnanay  or wo chonch apni jaga pay waisay he rahay geray nai , is ko stiff peaks boltay hain , picture may b btaya hay)

8. ab ap is main koi b color or flavour dal sakty again beat karain and use karain. meringue ko usi waqt istemal karain jab banaen , apnay cakes or cupcakes pe lagaen.


πŸ“ ap flowers b bana sakty hain.

πŸ“jab cupcakes banany hon,  piping bag main dalain or apni marzi se decorate karain. 

πŸ“ye frosting usi waqt best hai jab bana kar foran use kar lain.

πŸ“Cakes or cupcakes jo is frosting se banae hon aik din fridge main rakh sakty hain but serving se pehle bahir nikal k rakh dain.

πŸ“ Unused  frosting ko airtight container main dal kar fridge main rakh skaty hain aik din k lie.


πŸ‘‰ye swiss meringue  aik buttercream jis ka nam hay  SMBC SWISS MERINGUE BUTTERCREAM

is k bnanay may b istemal hota hay.

πŸ‘‰ swiss meringue pies pay b dala jata hay phir and bake kea jata hay.

πŸ‘‰ baked Alaska cake may b este mal hota hay.

πŸ‘‰cake k layers k darmean b filling k Lea este mal hota hay.

πŸ‘‰ ice cream  may b eastemal hota hay.

πŸ‘‰ meringue cookies b bnae jati hain is say.



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    • Hello , yes its easily available at any grocery store from where j buy vanilla extract or essence , u will see different flavors beside vanilla in shelf so grab that flavor which has no color as vanilla has brownish color , if u want white icing then u will need colorless flavor , if making colored icing then vanilla is ok


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