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Alhumdulilah I am successful in my  UNI PUFF recipe.

 UNI  PUFF is just like butter / margerine in texture & in result too .

Now its very easy  to make uni puff at home,  hurrah!

Here I am sharing a very easy method of mine about  making Uni puff from which you can make Puff pastry or use in any kind of baking as butter / margerine substitute.


250 gm ghee Dalda or any other brand 
Chilled water about 1 liter 
Ice cubes ( plenty of ice cubes)( I made ice from 1 liter of water )( if its very hot at your side then you will need more ice)

Quantity of ghee depends upon your requirement. 

πŸ“   For 1/2 kg ghee
      Ghee 500 gm

2 liters chilled water 

Ice cubes ( made from 2 liters of water)

πŸ“ For 1 kg  ghee 

Ghee 1000 gm

4 liters chilled water

Ice cubes ( made from 4 liters of water)


1.Melt ghee .

2.In a bowl add chilled water, add ice and keep aside. 

3.Pour this melted ghee in chilled water. 4 .Now use hand whisk or spoon , stir vigorously , (or can use  electric beater)

5.  .You will see butter will change its color to whitish and become solid.

6.Now leave that solid form of ghee in ice water for few hours , till water comes to room temperature .

7.Now take any plastic shopping bag , take that solid ghee out of water and pour in shopping bag  , poke few places at bottom of bag with knife make small slits so all extra water drains .

8 .Now squeeze bag all Water should be squeezed out properly.

9 .Spread in a pan and press it down to make a block.

10 .Freeze it for few minutes.

11.Remove from pan and cut in pieces.

12.Cover with cling wrap or any plastic bag and store in fridge .

13 .When needed , take it out bring to room temperature and use in any baking recipe .


*Uni puff is used in baking as butter substitute .
*Uni puff is used in making 

  Puff pastry .Puff pastry is a basic ingredient of making PUFFS of all types.

*Uni Puff is used in making frozen parathas.

* Bring uni puff to room temperature and use in making puff pastry.

Ghr ka bna uni puff

Alhumdulillah mein Uni Puff bnane mai kamyab ho gae,  bht zbrdst nateja mila ha.

Uni puff makhan / margerine  ke trha hota ha dekhne or estemal mai bhe.

Ghr pr uni puff bnana ab bht asan ho ga, hurrrah !Mein apko uni puff bnane ka bht asan tareeqa bta rhe hon js sy ap puff pastry bna  sakty hain  ya baking mai makhan ke jagah estimal kr sakty hain.

Ajza :

250 gm ghee ( Dalda ya  koe b bnaspati ghee)
1 liter Bht thanda pani  

Baraf k turay ( bht saray )( Mene 1 liter pani sy baraf bnae the )

Ghee ke miqdar apke zaroorat k mutabiq ho sakte ha.

πŸ“Note:  adha kilo ghee k leay

 500 gm ghee 

2 liter pani
Baraf k tukray ( 2 litter pani sy bane howe )

πŸ“note:  1 kilo  ghee k leay

Ghee 1000 gm

4 litter thanda pani

Baraf k tukray ( 4 litter pani sy bane howe )

Tarkeeb :
1. Ghee  phegla Len.

2. aik baray  bartun  mai thanda pani or baraf k tukray dal kr pas rakh len.

3. Garam kia howa ghee ess thande pani mai dalen.

4. Ab hath walay beater ya chamach sy hilayen ( electric beater b estemal kr sakty hain )

5. Ap dekhen ge k ghee ka rung sufad hona shuru ho jae ga or wo sakht b ho jae ga.

6. Ess ko kuch ghantay baraf walay pani mai para rhne den ,jb tk pani room temperature pay na a jay.

7. Ab aik plastic bag len oss k neche churi sy kuch sorakh kr den or ye jama howa ghee oss mai dalen ta k faltoo pani nikal jae oss mai sy.

8. Plastic bag ko ache trha nechor len ta k sara pani niakal jaye.

9. Ab Kisi  bartan pr phela ke dubaen ta k aik block ke shakal bn jae.

10. Kuch der k leye freez kr den.

11. Bartan sy nikal kr tukron mai kat len.

12. Kese plastic bag mai dal kr mehfooz krlen fridge mai.

13. jb zaroorat ho nikal kr room temperature pr ly aen or baking mai estimal kren.( room temperature pay lanay k Lea estimal say Chand ghatay phlay fridge say nikalain )


Note :

* Uni puff baking mai butter ke trha estimal hota ha.

* Uni puff…puff pastry bnane mai estimal hota ha.

Puff pastry hr trha k puffs bnane ka lazmi hissa ha 

* Uni puff frozen prathe bnane mai b estimal ho sakta ha.

* Uni puff ko room temperature pr la kr puff pastry bnane mai estimal kren.



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