​As our diabetic loved ones deserves to enjoy our baking too , so I always make for my loving husband soft and tasty diabetic sponge cake and sharing with you all so can make your diabetic loved ones happy too.


urdu + English

 egg = 1 

artificial sweetner  = ( I have used tropicana slim 2 sachets)

 oil = 2 tablespoons 

all purpose flour =  4 tablespoons 

baking powder =  1/2 teaspoon 

baking soda = 2 pinch 

vanilla essence = 1/4 tsp


 Separate egg white and yolk.

 Mix baking powder + baking soda in   flour and keep a side.

1.Now first beat egg white till becomes foam  .To check the doneness hold the bowl of beaten egg white upside down if egg white doesn’t move its done if move beat little more and check again as before.

2.Now add yolk  and beat .

3.Add artificial sweetener beat well , 

4.Add oil and vanilla essence and beat .

5.Now add flour ( already mixed baking powder & baking soda )n fold with wooden spoon .

6.Pour in greased tin , bake on 170 degrees for about 10 – 20 minutes r till tooth pick inserted come out clean.

Soft and tasty diabetic sponge cake is ready. Serve with  ☕ tea .

📝📝 NOTE: Don’t use aspartame( canderal ) it loses its sweetness in baking.

📝📝if making two flavor diabetic sponge chocolate and vanilla ,

then separate the batter into two add 1/2 tsp of coco powder in one part mix well , and leave other part simple vanilla ,

 now pour one flavor over other in tin then bake.





Anda = 1

Artificial sweeteners ( may nay tropicana slim istemal kea 2 packets)

Oil / tail =  2 tbsp

Maida = 4 tbsp

Baking powder = 1/2  teaspoon

Baking soda/ metha soda= 2 chutki

Vanilla essence  = 1/4 tsp


1.    Maida may baking powder or baking soda dalain or 3 bar chanain or side pay rakhain.

2.  Ande ke zardi or safedi alag alag


3.  Safedi ko itna phenten k pore jhag bn


     ab bowl ko olta kr k Chk karain

     agar safedi nechay na geray to ess

      ka   mtlb thk jhag Bne ha, agar safedi

      helay to  mazeed  phantana paray

       ga . dobara Chk karain bowl ko olta k

     agar  nechay na geray to bus sahi ho

      gae hay  , ab agay kam start karain.

 4 . Ab zardi dal k phenten.

 5.  Ab artificial sweetener yani artificial metha dalain or  ache trha phentain.

 6 .  Ab  oil or vanilla essence dal k


8.  Ab maida jo baking powder dal k

    chana howa tha  wo thora thora dal kr

   lakri k chamach sy mila len. 

9 .Ache trha mix kr k smooth better bna

    len. bus kheyal rahay k had say zyada

    mixing nahi krni Jo jhag ando say

    bnaya tha WO phus na ho jay , sponge

    bnta he esi say hay.

10.Ab   sanche mai dalain.

11. Ab 10 minutes phlay say garm keay oven may 170 degree pr 10 sy 20 min tk

     bake krlen ya jb tk  tooth pick khushk

     nikal aeye. 

   Mazedar or naram Diabetic sponge

     cake  tayyar ha.

 ☕Chay  k sath paish karain.

📝NOTE :Aspertame  baking may istemsl na karain Ku k baking may is ka methas khatm ho jata hay.

📝Note: AGAR 2 flavor diabetic sponge cake banana ho chocolate or vanilla , 

to ameza ko 2 hesson may karain ,

aik ko sada chor dain or dosray may 1/2 tsp coco powder dalain , achi tarah mix krain ,

ab sanchay may aik k oper dosra ameza dalain or bake Karin.



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