I wanted to make caramel cake but don’t have caramel syrup so thought why don’t I create my own , gave a try and got a successful homemade caramel syrup hurray!




yeilds 1/4 cup of caramel syrup, enough for 6 inch cake .


Sugar = 4 tablespoon

Oil =  1 tablespoon

water = 4 tablespoon


Put sugar and oil in a pot cook on very low flame the sugar will start burning don’t leave unattended , in few seconds sugar will turn golden brown color , its caramel you made , now turn off flame.

pour water in hot caramel mix well , the caramel will get hard ,  don’t worry its OK , put on flame n cook again stir while cooking till all caramel dissolves , n cook till syrup thickens , n turn off flame as you get desired syrup . your homemade caramel syrup is ready in just few minutes .

Cool it and fill in sterilized glass bottle.


📝Note: use on same day or after store in kitchen.

📝Note: Store for 3 days not more .

📝Note  : Use in any cake or frosting .




May caramel cake banana cahti the magar caramel syrup pass nahi tha , socha Ku na apna bnaon ,  bus aik try ke or Alhumdulilah umdah homemade caramel syrup BNA Lea , hurray !



is recipe say 1/4 cup caramel syrup bnta hay , 6 inch cake k Lea hay .


Cheeni /Sugar = 4 tablespoon

tail/Oil =  1 tablespoon

pani/water = 4 tablespoon


Cheenj or tail ko bartun may dalin or hlki anch pay pakain , cheeni jldi  jlna shuru ho jati hay is Lea cholay pay rkhnay k bad pass he rahain. kuch he seconds may cheeni golden brown rung k ho jay ge , ye caramel bun gea , ab chola bund karain.

Ab garam caramel pay pani dalain is say caramel sakt  ho jay ga gharbrana nahi ye thk hay , ab phr cholay pay rakhain halki anch pay PAKAIN or chamach chalatay rahain, ta k caramel achi tarah mix ho jay , or tb tk PAKAIN jb tk garah na ho jay syrup , apni marzi k mutabik syrup ko garha karain or phr chola bund karain ,

ap ka homemade caramel syrup Chand Minton may tayar .

ab  thanda ho jay phr , saf sheshay ke botal may dalain or dhkan b bund karain .

📝NOTE : OSI din estimsal karain ya kuch din bad bus kitchen may he store karain .

📝NOTE : 3 din tk store krna thk rahay ga zyada nahi.

📝Note: cake ya frosting may estimal karain.






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