Bird cookies are very attractive and kids favorite cookies , n easy to make for kids lunch boxes too .








All purpose flour =1/2 cup = 8 tbsp

vegetable shortening or ghee =2 tbsp, (chilled & soft)

Sugar=2 tbsp (then grind it),

Baking powder =1/4 tsp,

Milk=1 Tbsp for kneading

Food Colour as desired

vanilla essence few drops




1.Mix all except milk & food color.

2.  Rub with palms now add milk n      knead,

3 . Add food colour and mix keep in  fridge for 30 minutes in air tight jar.

4. Roll 1/8 inch thick ,  cut as shown  in  picture.

5 . Grease baking tray with oil and dust  with flour , n place these cookies on tray  evenly spaced .

6. Bake on 180 degree  centigrade in already preheated oven for 10 minutes ,now bake cookies  for 10- 20 minutes , or till edges turns light brown.

7 . Leave cookies on tray till completely cooled.


I use ghee or vegetable

shortening in cookies , with

this cookies rise well.


Note :  Never lift hot cookies .


Note : Cookies taste best when

cooled completely.














Maida=1/2 cup = 8 tbsp

Ghee =2 tbsp, ( thanda or naram )

Cheeni / sugar =2 tbsp ( phr grind kr lain)

Baking powder =1/4 tsp,

Dodh / milk =1 Tbsp ( gondnay k Lea)

khanay ka rung apni marzi ka

Vanilla essence Chand katr


1. Dodh or rung k elawa sub ajza mix


2. Hathali say masal  lain or ab dodh say

gond lain.

3. Zara sa khanay ka raung dalain or mix


4. Ab plastic shopping bag may dal k

dabbay may fridge may 30 minutes k

Lea rakhain.

5. Ab 1/8 inch mota bailain ( roti jaisa)

ab cut karain , pic k mutabik shape

dain .

6. Baking  tray ko oil say chikna krain or maida chirkain , tray ko halta  jhatk dain ta k falto  maida hat jay , is tray pay ye cookies fasalay say rakhain.

7. Ab 180 ° centigrade pay 10 minutes

say phlay say preheat hoay oven may

10 – 20 minutes tk bake karain , ya jb tk k kinaray halkay brown ho Jain .

8. Cookies ko tray pay he thanda honay dain jb mukamal thanday ho Jain tb enjoy karain .


📝 NOTE : May cookies may ghee

istemal krti hon is say

behtareen cookies pholti hain.


NOTE : Kabi b garam oven say nikaltay

he cookies tray say na othain

cookies is wkt naram hoti hain

toot jati Hain.


Note :   Mukamal  thanda honay k bad

cookies ka asal taste ata hay.




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