It was one of my  dream to make good chocolate chip cookies  , but whenever I looked at flat chocolate chip cookies on internet

i was very reluctant to  give a try and my dream remains as it is  till i tried my own tested fool proof recipe


ALHUMDULILAH I made  it  and hope you all will like my this recipe .



( just as company made)


All purpose flour  =  10 TBSP

Ghee/ vegetable shortening =  4 Tbsp ( I used ghee)

Sugar = 2 Tbsp ( grind sugar )

Brown sugar = 3 TBSP

baking powder = 1/2 teaspoon

Coco powder = 1tbsp

Chocolate Chips = 2 TBSP

Milk = 1 & 1/2 tablespoon (for kneading )


1. Mix all except milk n Chocolate chips

rub with Palm then add milk a

teaspoon at a time till dough forms.

Now add chocolate chips just mix  ,

if with hit weather or with the heat of

your palm dough got very soft , so keep

in plastic airtight box in fridge for 30

minutes , then use.

2 . Then divide the dough into 16 equal

parts  roughly shaping it into a ball,

keep some cracks on surface on balls ,

(it  should not be smooth). Now Press

a  little  on top of ball flatten them but

very little .

3.   Place them (evenly spaced)  on

the greased and dusted with    flour

baking  tray.


4 . Bake in Preheat oven on 180 degrees

Centigrade n  Bake for 18 to 24

minutes, or until light golden brown on

top n edges too .


📝 Note: Can bake in Stove oven too on

low  flame.

5. Let cool cookies completely in tray.

Then enjoy ur cookies.

Leftovers can be stored

in an airtight container at room

temperature for up to 4 days.




bnanay ka aik khwab tha maira , jb b internet pay flat chocolate chip cookies daikti maira kharab khwab he rah jata jb tk khod k recipe nahi try ke.

ALHUMDULILAH , akhir kar may nay perfect chocolate chip cookies recipe bna le


( bilkul company walay )

Maida =  10 TBSP

Ghee =  4 Tbsp

Cheeni  = 2 Tbsp ( grind ke lain cheeni )

Brown sugar = 3 TBSP

baking powder = 1/2 teaspoon

Coco powder = 1tbsp

Chocolate Chips = 2 TBSP

Dodh = 1 & 1/2 tablespoon

( gondnay   k Lea  )


1. Dodh or Chocolate chips k elawa sub

kuch   lain or hathali say

masal  masal  k mix karain , ab Jo

dodh recipe may btaya  hay , os may

say thora thora kr k dalin or gond lain

jb ata ( dough ) k shakal ka a jay ab is

may chocolate chips b dal k mix kr lain.

agar to mosam ya hath k garmi say

ata ( dough ) bohat he naram ho raha

ho to  , plastic kay dabbay may 30

minutes k Lea fridge may   rakhain , phr

estimal karain.

2 .Ab  ata ( dough ) ko 16 barabar heson

may takseem karain , or peray BNA lain kheyal karain Peron pay dararain ( cracks ) honi chaeay , bilkul mulaem ( smooth ) peray na hon , ab halka in Peron ko oper say dbain , buhat kum zyada cheepta ( flat )nahi krna .

3.  Ab baking tray pay oil lagain or meda

chirk dain , or ye peray  faslay say

rkhain .

4 . Ab Phlay say 180 degrees Centigrade

pay garam keay hoay oven may

18  say  24 minutes tk bake karain. ya

jb kinaray  halkay brown hon tb tk.

📝 NOTE :  Pateela may b halki anch

( low flame ) pay bake hotay

hain .

5. Ab  baked cookies ko

tray may he thanda honay dain , phr

istimal karain. Bachay hoay cookies

ko airtight box may room temperature

pay 4 din tk store kr sktay hain   .

NOTE : BROWN SUGAR isi nam say

market may milti hay wo lain



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