Moist chocolate cake always fascinated me , it was my dream to make my own such delicious moist chocolate cake and here’s mine a successful recipe.



All purpose flour ( Maida ) = 1 cup

sugar = 8 Tbsp ( grind it )

baking powder = 1 tsp + 1/2tsp

baking soda = 1/2 tsp

coco powder = 4 Tbsp

oil = 4 Tbsp

egg = 1

milk = 1/2 cup

boiling water = 1/2 cup ( used in last )

Method :

1. Mix all dry ingredients keep a side .

2. Mix egg , oil , milk , mix well n keep

a side.

3. Mix dry n wet ingredients of step 1& 2 ,

mix well .

4 . Now add boiling water n mix pour in

already greased 8 inch tin n bake on

170 degrees centigrade for 15

minutes then reduce temperature to

150 degrees till fully baked .Insert

tooth pick in center if comes out

clean your moist chocolate cake is

ready .πŸ“

πŸ“Note : Baking time about 45 minutes or

depends on oven ..

πŸ“ Tin size 8 inches



Moist chocolate cake hamaisha mjy bhatay thay , maira khawab tha k may b moist chocolate cake bnaon , lejeay mari umdah moist chocolate cake ke recipe .


Ajza :

maida = 1 cup

Cheni/sugar = 8 tbsp ( peec lain)

Baking powder = 1 tsp + 1/2tsp

Baking soda = 1/2 tsp

Coco powder = 4 tbsp

tail/Oil = 4 tbsp

Anda/egg = 1

Dodh = 1/2 cup

oblta garam pani = 1/2 cup aakhir mai estemal k leye


1. Tamam khushk ajza ko mila kr aik trf rakh den.

2. Anda, oil, dodh ko ache trha mila kr aik trf rakh den.

3. Ab khushk wale ajza or ande wale mixture ko apas mai mila den.. Step 1, 2 ko ache trha mila len.

4. Ab oss mai garam pani dalen or ache trha milaen or phle sy chiknae lage howe 8 inch k sanche mai dal kr bake kren , phlay 170 Β° centigrade pr 15 min k leye phr temperature 150 Β° centigrade pr kr den pora pakne tk.

Tooth pick center mai dal kr check kren agr saaf nikale tou ess ka matlab ha cake bake ho gaya ha.

πŸ“Note: bake krne ka time 45 min ha ya

oven k temperature k hisab sy ho


πŸ“ Tin size 8 inch


14 responses to “MOIST CHOCOLATE CAKE

  1. Dear sistr ur all recipies r always good but mane moist cake bake kia jo bake hote waqt ooper se phat gaya or aisa hi brownie k sath bhi hoa tha kia aap mujhe guied kr skti han k aisa kion hoa


  2. Thanks for this recipe. It is such an easy recipe
    I tried today ,it was very soft and moist.
    But one thing I want to ask.
    After adding boiling water do we have to wait it to cool down a little .As my cake has bubbles on top and holes appear on it.

    Liked by 1 person

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