One common complain I always get that we didn’t get perfect results in our baking while we have followed your recipe exactly , I get their mistake and asked about which spoons you used, mostly replies kitchen spoons , here’s they do mistake  while in measuring , so i made a pictorial for all my sisters to help them out in their measurements, hope it will help .


When a recipe says  tbsp so

If u have measuring tbsp like green in pic take it level of anything u r taking

If u don’t have measuring tbsp spoon then take any tbsp from ur kitchen this size steel tbsp in pic and take little heaped of anything u r taking.



Jub recipe may 1 tbsp likha ho to

Agar ap k pass Aisa green color Jo pic may measuring tbsp  hay to WO kinaray k barabar lain Jo b lay rahi hain.

Agar measuring tbsp spoon nahi hay ap k pass to kitchen say es size ka tbsp lain steel wala Jo pic may hay or WO thora bhar k lain Jo b lay rahi hain.


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