Years ago I made this recipe its very nice for those who like gelatin but personally me and my kids don’t like gelatin smell . It has nice flexibility can make so many things out of it.


1/2 tablespoon unflavored gelatin

2 tablespoon cold water

4 tablespoon glucose powder ( I used glucose D)

1 tablespoon vegetable shortening / ghee

1/2 tablespoon glycerin

4 cups icing sugar ( all may not use or may be you need more )( depends on weather)

flavor n color as desired.


1. Combine gelatin & water let stand until gelatin swells n thick , place the gelatin mixture on the top of double boiler(boiling water ) & heat until dissolved.Add glucose & glycerin mix well, add shortening/ghee mix n melt & remove from boiling water. use Luke warm.

2. In a large bowl place 1 cups icing sugar , make a well in center of icing sugar n pour luke warm gelatin mixture in it , mix well. beat with electric beater for 5 minutes.( if don’t have electric beater use hand whisk),

now slowly add more icing sugar mix and knead well , till become like soft dough, place in plastic bag in air tight container , leave over night, the next day add color n flavor, and use.

* Roll out cover cakes or cupcakes.

Tips :

* If is sticky add more icing sugar a little at a time.

* If hard use wet hands and re knead till becomes soft .

Notes :

* Make embellishments for cakes & cupcakes.

* Make embellishments 2 weeks a head so they dries completely .

* Can save sugar embellishments for several years in airtight box.




Salon phlay may nay gelatin wala fondant bnaya tha , but zatti tor pay mjy or maray bachon ko gelatin k smell pasand nahi.

Es fondant may achi lachak hay or kafi chezain BNA sktay hain is say .


1/2 tablespoon unflavored gelatin

2 tablespoon pani

4 tablespoon glucose powder ( may nay glucose D estimal kea)

1 tablespoon vegetable shortening / ghee

1/2 tablespoon glycerin

4 cups icing sugar ( ho sakta hay sub estemsl na ho, ya shayed or b ZARORAT paray )( ye mosum pay inshesar krta hay)

flavor n color apni marzi kay.


1.Gelatin ko pani me dal kar acche tarah Mila le .. jab gelatin phol jay or narm ho jay to ise double boiler ( ubaltay pani) ke uper rakhe ..aur tab tak garam kare jab tak ki gelatin pani me ghul na jai .

Ab 4 tablespoons glucose powder aur glycerin ko isme milain ..acche tarah mix kare…phir shortening ya ghee ko milai ..melt hone de …aur phir ubalte pani se utar le …neem garam istemal kare …( agar ye istemal karne se pehle jum jai to pareshan na ho..ise dobara garam kr le …jaise apne pehle kiya tha)

2. ab 1 cup icing sugar ke beech me jaga banai aur neem garam gelatin wala mixture is may dalain or acche tarah mix krain ,or electric beater say 5 minutes k lea beat karain.( agar electric beater nahi to hand whisk /hand beater istemal krain)

phir Ahista ahista mazeed icing sugar daltay jain or gondh le ..jb tk narm dough bn jay .

3. Fondant ko plastic bag me rakhkar air tight ( hawa band) box me rakhe ..puri raat bawarchikhana me hi rehne de …agle din isme flavour aur rang Mila de .. ise istemal kare …( isme lachak (elasticity) 24 ghante baad a ati hay.


* Agar fondant chichipa h to thori icing sugar mix kar ain …

* Agar sakht (hard )hay to gile hatho se gondh le …


* cakes ko ya cupcakes cover karain .

*cakes ko sajane ka samaan banain.

* 2 haftay pehle hi cake sajanay ka saman sab bana kar rakh le ..ta k acchi tarah se sukh jay .

* aap cakes ko sajane ka samaan air tight box me salo tak rakh sakte hain.



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