Puff pastry

 Whipped cream

 Cream horn molds

 Method :

 1.Roll out puff pastry 1/4 inch thick and longer in length , as we will cut long strips.

2. Now , Cut the puff pastry  in strips roll 1 inch wide.

3. Apply very little water with  Brush on one longer side edge of all strips,   now roll on cream horn mold.

4.  line all  on greased dusted tray put the end side down so it don’t open while baking. Eggwah or milk glaze them.

 5. Bake on 200 degrees centigrade in preheated oven or on medium flame in pot on stove for 10 minutes it will release extra uni puff /ghee/butter /margarine , drain it n again keep for baking on 180 degrees now you will reduce the temperature n bake till light golden.

 6.Cool completely fill the center with whipped cream, and severe .

* Keep in vertical holders r glass to set the cream if  your cream is runny , if not arrange in plate n leave for setting for few hours then serve.

 *Don’t open oven door for first 15 minutes it will not puff if you open n release the heat.

 * Left over cream horns keep in airtight plastic box in fridge .



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