One of  my husband’s favorite , So  I  make for him and he loves my homemade cream horns , he says your cream horns are best then bakery one , which is a big complement for me and I forget all the tiredness πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ


 Puff pastry

(for recipe of puff pastry click on this link)

Whipped cream

 Cream horn molds

Method :

1.Roll out puff pastry 1/4 inch thick and longer in length , as we will cut long strips.

2. Now , Cut the puff pastry  in strips roll 1 inch wide.

3. Apply very little water with  Brush on one longer side edge of all strips,   now roll on cream horn mold.

4.  line all  on greased dusted tray put the end side down so it don’t open while baking. Egg wash or milk glaze them.

5. First Bake on 200 degrees centigrade in preheated oven or on medium flame in pot on stove for 10 minutes it will release extra uni puff /ghee/butter /margarine , so don’t worry drain it or leave it will be absorbed by itself while baking  , 

6. now reduce temperature to 180 degrees and  again keep for baking and  bake till light golden.

7.Cool completely fill the center with whipped cream, and severe .


* Keep in vertical holders r glass to set the cream if  your cream is runny , if not arrange in plate n leave for setting for few hours then serve.

 *Don’t open oven door for first 15 minutes it will not puff if you open n release the heat.

* Left over cream horns keep in airtight plastic box in fridge .




Cream rolls maray husband k enthae pasandeda hain , on Kay mutabik maray bnay hoay cream rolls bakery say b achay hotay hain , bus on ke ke hoe tareef mari sari thakun dor kr daiti ha😊

 Puff pastry ( puff pastry k recipe k Lea is link ko dbain )

 Whipped cream
 Cream horn molds
 Method :
 1.puff pastry ko ley K  1/4 inch mota ( thick) or lambai  me balain , kyon ki hum lambai mai cut karenge.

2. Ab puff pastry ko cut karain strips main , strips ke chorai 1 inch rakhain.

3. Sabhi strips ke kinaro per thora pani lagaye .ab isse cream horn mold per lapatain.

4. Sabhi ko grease dusted tray per rakhe ek line mai jo roll ka end side h woh niche rakhe taki woh baking ke time khule nai. Andey ko ya milk ko iske uper brush se thora laga dey.

5. Phlay 10 minutes k lea  200 degrees centigrade per preheated oven main ya  medium flame per ek pateeley mai stove pe  bake krain , isme se extra uni puff /ghee/butter /margarine nikaley ga to pareshan nai hona  is extra ghee  ko tray say bahar nikal dey ya rhnay dain WO khod he baking may jazab ho jay ga 

6. 10 minutes bad   temperature kam kar k 180 degrees kr dain aur bake karey jab tak halka golden colour naa ho jaye rolls ka.

 7.Puri tarah se thanda karey phir bich mai whipped cream bharey and serve karey.


* Kisi glass ya holders mai rakhe agar cream patli h. Agar nahi tho plate main rakhe and khuch ghaton ke liye fridge mai rakhe aur phir serve karey.

 * Apne oven ko pehle 15min ya pateela ka dhakun bilkul naa khole , Agar  khola tho heat nikal jayegi or puff phuley gey nahi.

 * Bache huye cream horns ko plastic airtight box mai fridge ke ander rakhe.



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